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Optimize deployment and improve performance with enhanced real-time emergency services decision support.

"The right place. The right time. Every time."

For an emergency services system to maximize its performance and make the best use of its resources, there is nothing more important than ongoing vehicle coverage and accurate deployment to support intelligent dispatch decisions.

Optima livetm is Optima's world leading suite of real time dynamic deployment solutions that incorporate predictive analytics to assist dispatchers with emerging coverage challenges, while at the same time making optimized recommendations for unit deployment.

Optima livetm provides real-time decision support for emergency services in an easy-to-use graphical interface. It is run entirely from the communications center providing information and accurate recommendations to dispatchers and supervisors to assist with the important deployment decisions confronting communications staff.

To deploy vehicles effectively, staff need to know more than just what's happening now, they also need to know what is likely to happen next. That is why Optima livetm provides "Look Ahead Technology", the next generation of real time decision support.

The suite of Optima livetm products takes into account current and historical call volume for the day of the week and time of day and then uses sophisticated predictive analytics that can forecast changes in the system over the critical next 20 minutes. Optima livetm monitors the status of resources and continually optimizes to find the best possible solutions. It is able to provide the communications center with realistic deployment recommendations for the best possible coverage, minimizing unnecessary moves that tax crews or waste fuel.

The Optima livetm products provide state-of-the-art features customized for the center, including:

  • A highly tuned road network to provide realistic travel times for all vehicle movements (lights-and-sirens and normal responses), calibrated specially for the service using actual vehicle and call information
  • Differentiated coverage tiers based on vehicle capabilities (e.g. first response or transport, advanced life support, etc.)
  • Specific deployment recommendations in real time based on advanced mathematical optimization techniques, with the corresponding improvement in coverage displayed in a quantifiable format
  • Highly configurable displays, with the ability to customize colors and icons to match the dispatch service's existing visuals
  • Predictive analytic algorithms based on the proven scientific approach of Operations Research

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